Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to improve the overall well-being and quality of human life. For that reason, we provide a platform to drive medication innovation.

By launching a new generation of smart pillbox to the market, we hope to improve medication adherence and facilitate medical effectiveness. We believe that this is the key to reducing consumers’ medical expenditure by maintaining a guided, systematic medication habit.

On top of creating a stress-free life for users and caregivers, we target to speed up user’s recovery time, reduce medical costs and prevent treatment failure in the long run, through recording and analyzing users’ data, alongside value-added services such as preliminary diagnoses and medical suggestions. By creating a patient database, we shall collaborate with stakeholders of the healthcare industry to cultivate improvement and innovation in medical services and products.

Our Team

Pillgo is a team of scientists, IT professionals and healthcare entrepreneur with a great passion for improving overall health and wellness of people. We come from across a wide array of industries and backgrounds, including graduates from the University of Oxford and University of Pennsylvania. By putting patients’ need at the center, we believe that patient could become a responsible individual in the matters of their own health, which leads quality life and learn to take preventive actions against chronic illnesses.

Medication non-adherence is a global prevalent problem


0,000 premature deaths in U.S. per year
0% of clinical trials failed
US$0B in avoidable costs to the U.S. health care system annually
US$0B annual revenue loss globally from pharmaceutical companies

due to Medication Non-adherence.

Our pilot test proves that, an average of



improvement in medication adherence was resulted with the help of more than 200 pilot users.

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Web Summit 2018 5 – 8 NOVEMBER, 2018

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RISE 2019 8 – 11 JULY, 2019

Press Release

Better Adherence, Better Health
Better Adherence, Better Health

IRVINE, Calif.May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Poor medication adherence is becoming a global hindrance to chronic disease management, and according to the Centers for Disease for Control & Prevention, medication is not taken as prescribed 50 percent of the time. This troubling lack of adherence leads to 30 to 50 percent of chronic disease treatment failures and 125,000 deaths per year in the United States alone......

Qualife's Pillgo is a Smart Pill Box Alerts Users of Side Effects
Qualife's Pillgo is a Smart Pill Box Alerts Users of Side Effects

The smart pill box is capable of integrating a user's biometric data with medication data, offering alerts for possible side effects of drug interactions and customized pill sorting. The app-paired pill box even gives users the ability to capture prescription medication labels with a camera, thanks to optical character recognition technology, to ensure that entered medication data is accurate. .......

Pillgo: The smart pillbox that integrates with biometric analysis and drug-drug interaction alerts
Pillgo: The smart pillbox that integrates with biometric analysis and drug-drug interaction alerts

With the goal of streamlining the medication intake process and empowering users with the ability to improve their medication constancy, Qualife has developed the Pillgo, an even smarter, user-friendly pillbox that integrates biometrics for health status monitoring, as well as drug allergy and drug interaction alerts to inform users of possible side effects that might arise from combining certain medications.....