Pillgo Smart Pillbox

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Pillgo x 1

USB Type-C Cable x 1

User Manual

  • Analysis with Biometrics: Visualises user’s body reactions under different dosage schedules and types of medicine by integrating their biometrics with the medication data.
  • Drug-drug Interaction Alert: Alerts user when there is a possible drug to drug interaction.
  • Drug Allergy Alert: Alerts user when there is a potential drug allergy.
  • Flexible Pill Sorting: Medication can be sorted by medicine type or by medication time based on user preference
  • Dual-Sensor System: Two sensors to ensure the correct pill is taken. Utilizes dual-sensor technology to ensure the lid turns to the correct compartment and tracks whether pills are removed.
  • Intelligent Setup: Personalized weekly dose schedule automatically generated on the Pillgo App with simple information input (drug name, frequency, and amount) to ensure correct dosage per medication
  • Optical Character Recognition System: Allows user to capture the prescription medication label by a camera and ensure accurate pill information input.
  • Quantifiable Performance Tracker: Measures efficacy of medication based on user’s day-to-day medication pattern
  • Pillgoal Reward: Motivates your medication journey through Pillgoal
  • Dose LED Indicator & Sound Alert: Indicates the correct compartment to turn to during the correct time. Emits sound alerts when incorrect dosage is removed.
  • 7-slot Interchangeable Compartments: Add-on accessory to allow flexibility in customizing for users’ medication patterns.
  • Dimension
    Diameter: 93mm
    Height: 32.6mm
  • Weight
    Around 200g
  • Material
    The materials (PP & ABS) are certified by FDA and RoHS.
  • Battery
    Recharge Pillgo once a week.
  • Bluetooth
    4.0 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Firmware
    Firmware is upgraded on Pillgo app.
  • Mobile app
    Companion is available on iOS and Android.
  • Certificates
    FCC, CE ,IC


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